Actuary Exam FM

I passed actuary exam FM (financial math) in the Summer of 2013.  I’ve uploaded the notes I took on each topic on this page.  I’m not claiming to be a financial math expert, but these are the notes that helped me pass the exam.  They are based on Marcel B. Finan’s incredibly thorough study guide and a study manual by ACTEX Publications.  Shout out to Marcel for making the best free study guide I’ve come across (by far).  The formulas derived in Marcel’s guide have been compiled in the form of a handy formula sheet (more like 15 sheets), which is also posted below (big thanks to Charles Lee).  If I had to give one concise piece of advice, I’d say that passing is about being able to solve shit really quickly – it’s a fight against time, not necessarily super difficult material.  Therefore, knowing how to use the worksheets in your financial calculator and knowing various relationships/properties (i.e. know a bunch of different formulas for one thing so you can adapt based on what information is given) is necessary.






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